We are key industry player in SAP implementation, management, and maintenance, helps organizations support their business processes, deliver fast ROI, minimize risks, and promote low ownership costs. We follow industry recognized SAP best practices and a unique SAP methodology.

Supported by SAP certified consultants with deep domain knowledge and backed by a strong experience of providing SAP-centric solutions to our global clients, Strawberry Infotech enables its clients to enhance their business processes and make them better organized.

Following are the SAP based services provided by us.

  • SAP Implementation
    We help organizations to tap the full potential of SAP applications within given timelines and in a cost-efficient manner. Strawberry Infotech SAP Implementation is designed around SAP best practices, its own methodology, and usage of latest software tools. Based on SAP ASAP methodology, SAP Implementation covers process from project initiation to its delivery. The methodology ensures phase-wise deliverables, quality checks, and beginning and end criteria for each phase.Strawberry Infotech helps its clients complete SAP Implementation within specified costs and timelines. Due to its scalable nature, we delivers SAP Implementation projects to small as well as big corporations. Our framework can be utilized for stand-alone implementations as well as for global template definitions.
  • SAP Upgrade
    Every successful SAP Upgrade requires a carefully planned out upgrade strategy. Therefore, for constantly changing business requirements we recommends a two-stage SAP Upgrade strategy. The strategy involves technical upgrade followed by a functional upgrade. The two-stage SAP Upgrade helps businesses reduce risks and allows step-by-step upgrade of functionality suitable for businesses.We help our clients choose the right upgrade strategy, recognize functional effect of upgrade, identify and diminish project risks. With extensive SAP expertise and prior upgrade experience, we ensures cost-effective and timely SAP Upgrade for all its clients.
  • SAP Application Management
    In addition to SAP implementation and upgrade, we offers SAP Application Management services. Its SAP Application Management services include overall system administration, technical support, and help desk support. Our SLA based service model helps organizations focus on core business capabilities and enhance business performance. Our SAP Application Management helps business owners take process initiatives.With us, your business gets access to unlimited SAP expertise, SLA based quality, different service levels (up to Level 3), 24X7 support, and need based commercials.